Why I Like the Drupal Community

Last night, I updated this blog to the latest version of Drupal. In doing so, I left access to the devel.module wide open to anyone who visits the site. I hadn't noticed I had done that, and it was a problem. Visitors not only saw the details of the site, but could potentially change variables like the site name and more. (No-one did.)

So, this morning I found half a dozen friendly emails warning me about it; all from users who found my site on planet drupal.

But here's the thing... each of those emails came via my drupal.org account. That means each of those kind folk took the extra time to find me on drupal.org, find my contact form there, and type in a message. It may not sound like much, but I consider that going the extra mile.

And that, friends, is why I like the Drupal community. A big thanks to everyone who got in touch with me.

(And BTW, if you click through the Facebook Connect button above, you will have access to comments and my contact form. I've disabled them otherwise, because my older site got too much spam.)



Dave Cohen's picture

All that said, there are also some real dicks out there.

(I made the same mistake recently, but this time someone did hack the site. Maybe multiple people.)